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Slyman Bros Appliance History

Slyman Bros. Appliances - Since 1965

At Slyman Brothers Appliance Centers, we guarantee the best buying experience you can find in St Louis Mo.. Since 1965 when Bob and Harry Slyman decided to open there own business which is known today as Slyman Bros. Appliances. That year the Gateway Arch was completed and so it was a natural tie-in to use the arch in the television commercials in black and white. They came up with the idea for that first commercial themselves, and it didn’t take long for the ad to pay off big time. Within a year or so of running those television spots business had increased. That spot was recently re-done with Darlene and her two brothers, Bob and Jon.

Bob and Harry

We’ve been “tops in town” for 55 years.

It was 1965. A loaf of bread cost 21 cents and you could buy a new house for around $13,000. Running a business didn’t mean needing an online presence and social media wasn’t even a blip on our radar. Two brothers decided to get into the appliance selling business and opened their first store. They named it Slyman Bros. Appliances.

As our family grew, so did our business. Fast forward to today and Slyman Bros. has grown to five locations, with at least one Slyman in every store.

We’ve managed to get to a place that Bob and Harry never could have predicted. And through the setbacks, triumphs and milestones, the legacy they laid out for us lives on: keep family at the forefront and deliver savings and quality service to our customers.

The Commercials.

If you’re a St. Louis native, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve caught wind of the classic Slyman Bros. commercials. Maybe you remember them from your childhood. Or maybe you discovered them while down a YouTube rabbit hole of funny local commercial compilations. However it may be, these commercials are how Bob and Harry made a name for themselves. They swung their legs while sitting atop The St. Louis Arch. They told their mom to “Take it away”. They even got inside a microwave oven. They used the only thing that came more naturally to them than selling appliances: their humor, whit, and creativity, to bring their local business into the homes of their customers.

The Commercials
The Next Generation …. and the next.

The Next Generation …. and the next.

After Bob and Harry retired, Bob’s children, Bob Jr., Darlene and Jon, took the reigns and with it ushered in a new generation for the company. Today, under their ownership, there’s a Slyman working at every location, be it on the showroom, behind the desks, or delivering appliances. No job is too small or too big, and with three generations now manning the brick and mortars, Slyman Bros. Appliances continues to be a team, and family, effort.