Sanitizing Electric Dryer with Pet Plus - DR7003WE

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Sanitizing Electric Dryer with Pet Plus - Sanitizing Electric Dryer with Pet Plus

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Estimated Availability Apr 03, 2023
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If you're looking for a high-end electric dryer with an array of cutting-edge features to keep your clothes in tip-top condition, your quest concludes with the Speed Queen Sanitizing Electric Dryer with Pet Plus. This smooth and modern front load dryer comes in a stylish white finish with a reversible door and durable 3-coat exterior finish that will complement any decor. Inside, you'll find a range of features designed to make your life easier, including anti-static technology to reduce wrinkles, steam-sanitize to kill germs and bacteria, and more. If you are a pet owner, you know that pet hair and dander can be a constant challenge when it comes to doing laundry. Fortunately, the Speed Queen Sanitizing Electric Dryer with Pet Plus was designed with this in mind. The Pet Plus feature is specifically created to handle pet hair and dander, reducing the amount of hair and fur on your clothes after each wash. This feature is an innovative solution that will make your life easier, so you don't have to worry about pet hair being stuck to your clothes, blankets, or sheets. Additionally, the Pet Plus feature works seamlessly with the dryer's Steam Boost and Steam Refresh features to provide your clothes with the ultimate level of cleanliness and freshness. The Steam Boost feature uses high-temperature steam to remove stubborn stains and wrinkles from your clothes. It is a fantastic solution to remove pet hair and dander, which can cause unpleasant smells and stains on your clothes. Meanwhile, the Steam Refresh feature uses a shorter steam cycle to help freshen up your clothes and remove any odors. This feature is ideal for when you don't have time to wash your clothes, but you want to ensure they are ready to wear. With Over-dry Protection Technology and Extended Tumble, this dryer is designed to keep your clothes looking great for longer, while reducing the risk of over-drying or damage. With its user-friendly controls and intuitive design, you can be sure that you'll be able to get the most out of this dryer, no matter what your laundry needs may be. So if you're looking for a high-end front load dryer that offers unparalleled performance, look no further than the Speed Queen Sanitizing Electric Dryer with Pet Plus. Order now and elevate your laundry routine.

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Key Features

  • Pet Plus
  • Steam Boost
  • Anti-Static
  • Steam Refresh
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified
  • Over-dry Protection Technology
  • Extended Tumble
  • Steam-Sanitize
  • Reversible Door
  • Commercial Heritage
  • National Accolades
  • American Quality

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