Stainless Steel Beverage Center - ZDBR240NBS

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Stainless Steel Beverage Center - Stainless Steel Beverage Center

Model : #ZDBR240NBS

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Estimated Availability Apr 14, 2023
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Looking for a way to keep your beverages at the perfect temperature? Look no further than the Monogram Stainless Steel Beverage Center. It has a generous capacity of 5.5 cubic feet, providing ample storage space for your favorite drinks. With the ability to hold up to 126 12 oz. cans or 10 wine bottles, it is the perfect solution for hosting events or simply ensuring that you always have your favorite drinks on hand. The large capacity makes it easy to store all of your beverages in one convenient location, while the adjustable temperature control ensures that each drink is kept at the perfect temperature. Whether you are a wine enthusiast or simply enjoy having a cold beer after work, the Monogram Beverage Center is a stylish and functional addition to any kitchen. The Monogram Beverage Center is designed for convenience and style. The flush inset installation capability allows for a elegant and professional look in any kitchen, while the soft interior LED lighting and spill-proof glass shelves make it easy to find and access your favorite drinks. The Monogram Stainless Steel Beverage Center is designed to make it as easy as possible to customize and personalize your drink storage. The reversible door swing allows you to easily adjust the door opening direction to fit your space, making it versatile and functional for any kitchen. In addition to the door swing, the digital touch controls make it easy to adjust the temperature of the unit with just the touch of a button. The temperature can be customized to fit your specific needs, so you can keep your drinks at the perfect temperature for your taste. The removable shelves make it easy to clean and adjust the layout of the beverage center to fit your specific needs. This feature is especially helpful when you need to store larger bottles or cans, and the spill-proof glass shelves make it easy to clean up any spills or messes that may occur. Investing in a quality beverage center is a great way to upgrade your kitchen and make sure you always have your favorite drinks on hand. The Monogram Beverage Center is the perfect choice for any beverage enthusiast.

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Key Features

  • Digital touch controls
  • Statement and Minimalist Collection Refrigerator Handles (sold separately)
  • Storage convenience
  • Soft interior LED lighting
  • Convenient 24" Configuration
  • Flush Inset Installation Capable
  • Reversible door swing

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